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5 Levels of Awareness to Title

Takes a stage in the 5 levels of awareness and creates a blog post title

Acronym Logo


Generates an acronym based on a theme

Active to Passive Voice Converter Logo

Active to Passive Voice Converter

Converts your text from active to passive voice and vice-versa

Affirmations Logo


Generates affirmations based on a topic

AI Art Prompt Helper Logo

AI Art Prompt Helper

Helps you generates art prompts to use with nichesss, DALLE-2 or Stable Diffusion

AI Image Logo

AI Image

Generates images using AI

AI Story Logo

AI Story

Takes a sentence and generates a story using AI.


Creates an analogy based on 3 words.

Appsumo Style App Description Logo

Appsumo Style App Description

Describe your app and get an AppSumo-style description back

Ask Me Anything

Answers any questions you might have.

Author Bio Logo

Author Bio

Takes a name and bullet points and generates an author bio

Band Name Logo

Band Name

Generates a band name based on a description of the band

Blog - Listicle Items Logo

Blog - Listicle Items

Generate listicle items for a given blog post

Blog - Listicle-Style Post Titles Logo

Blog - Listicle-Style Post Titles

Generate listicle style post titles

Blog Post Intro Logo

Blog Post Intro

Give us a blog title and get an introduction paragraph back

Blog Post Outline Logo

Blog Post Outline

Helps you breakdown what you should talk about in a blog post.

Blog Post Title Logo

Blog Post Title

Get title ideas for your blog post

Book Description Logo

Book Description

Get a description for a book based on title, what your company does, and a really simple summary.

Book Ideas Logo

Book Ideas

Generates ideas for books based on your interests

Book Title Logo

Book Title

Get a title for a book based on what your company does.

Bullet Points to Paragraph

Takes bullet points and generates a paragraph

Business Name Logo

Business Name

Lets help you come up with a business name.

Call to Action Logo

Call to Action

Generates ideas for a Call to Action

Campaign Slogan Logo

Campaign Slogan

Generates a campaign slogan when given a topic

Celeb Gossip - Blog Intro Logo

Celeb Gossip - Blog Intro

A "gossip style" blog introduction. Inspired by TMZ.

Character Logo


Creates a character to use in stories, books or anything really!

Command Executor

Takes a command and tries to change the text based on the command

Company Bio Logo

Company Bio

Generates a bio for your company

Conclusion Paragraph Logo

Conclusion Paragraph

Writes a conclusion paragraph for blogs or an essay

Content Continuer

Takes a piece of text and keeps writing ✍️ ...

Content Expander Logo

Content Expander

Takes a short piece of content and makes it longer

Content Improver

Takes a piece of content and makes it more interesting and engaging.

Content Rewriter Logo

Content Rewriter

Rewrites your text and tries to say things in a different way.

Country Name Logo

Country Name

Generates a fantasy country name for use in stories, movies and/or books

Course Assessment Criteria

Generates a Course Assessment Criteria given an outcome

Course Description Logo

Course Description

Creates a description for your course based on a title and keywords

Course Learning Objectives

Generates Learning Objectives for a course given a course name

Course Module List Logo

Course Module List

Creates a list of modules you can include in your course

Course Name Logo

Course Name

Creates an outline for your course

Cover Letter - Conclusion Logo

Cover Letter - Conclusion

Generates the "conclusion" to a cover letter.

Cover Letter - Intro Logo

Cover Letter - Intro

Generates the "intro" to a cover letter.

Cover Letter - Previous Experience Logo

Cover Letter - Previous Experience

Generates a paragraph dedicated to prior work experience for a cover letter.

Cover Letter - Professional Summary Logo

Cover Letter - Professional Summary

Generates a paragraph dedicated to your professional abilities.

Crossword Puzzle Hints Logo

Crossword Puzzle Hints

Takes a word and generates a crossword puzzle hint

Customer Avatar Logo

Customer Avatar

Define an audience and a goal, and we will generate a customer avatar

Customer to Problems Logo

Customer to Problems

Creates a list of problems that your customer may have so you can solve them

Dating Profile Logo

Dating Profile

Generate a dating profile by telling us a little bit about yourself

Dialogue - 2 people talking Logo

Dialogue - 2 people talking

A scenario where 2 people are talking about a given topic.

Digital Product Name Generator Logo

Digital Product Name Generator

Describe your product and get name suggestions

Dinosaur Name Logo

Dinosaur Name

You supply a name, we give you back a dinosaur name.

DJ Name  Logo

DJ Name

Generates ideas for a DJ name based on a description of yourself

E-mail Response Logo

E-mail Response

Generate an e-mail response using AI

E-mail Subject (Fun) Logo

E-mail Subject (Fun)

Fun, up-beat subject lines for newsletters

E-mail Subject (Sales) Logo

E-mail Subject (Sales)

E-mail subjects for making sales

Editorial Magazine Intro Logo

Editorial Magazine Intro

An Editorial Magazine-Style intro

Editorial Magazine Outro Logo

Editorial Magazine Outro

An outro inspired by editorial magazines.

Email Subject Improver

Improves your e-mail subject line to make it more engaging

Email Subject Line Logo

Email Subject Line

Generic E-mail Subjects to use for newsletters

Emails - Subject and Body (newsletter) Logo

Emails - Subject and Body (newsletter)

Want an email for your newsletter? Tell us what you want to talk about, and we'll write it.

Emoji Translation Logo

Emoji Translation

Translates a sentence into one or more emojis.

Employee Review Logo

Employee Review

Takes bullet points and generates an employee review / performance review

Event Description Logo

Event Description

Supply an event and get a description of the event back.

Event Ideas Logo

Event Ideas

Generate ideas for an event given a topic.

Explain It Like A Professor Logo

Explain It Like A Professor

Takes a question and attempts to explain it like a professor.

Extended Blog Outline

Given a blog post title, gives you an detailed blog outline, with sub topics

Facebook Ad Targeting Tips Logo

Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

Generates suggestions for ad targeting on Facebook

Facebook Ads Logo

Facebook Ads

Paid ads that appear on the newsfeed

FAQ - Answer Generator

Get an answer back for a commonly asked question.

FAQ - Question Generator

Takes a topic and generates a list of questions.

First to Third Person Converter Logo

First to Third Person Converter

Converts your text from first to third person and vice-versa

Follow Up E-Mail Logo

Follow Up E-Mail

Generate a follow-up e-mail based on a topic

Generic Headline Logo

Generic Headline

Takes a description and comes up with a headline

Glossary Logo


Takes a term and comes up with a glossary-style definition

Google Ads Logo

Google Ads

Paid ads that appear as search results

Google Ads (Problem to Solution) Logo

Google Ads (Problem to Solution)

Paid ads geared to solving problems.

Google Ads w/ Keywords Logo

Google Ads w/ Keywords

Generate google ads by choosing keywords.

Grade Level Rewriter

Rewrites text at a certain grade level

Grammar Corrector

Fixes grammar mistakes in text you provide

Hacker News Logo

Hacker News

Generates Show HN titles

Horoscope Generator Logo

Horoscope Generator

Generates a horoscope based on a zodiac sign.

Image Posts (Big Brand) Logo

Image Posts (Big Brand)

Tell us about your business and we'll generate an image post. Inspired by Big Brands.

Image Posts (Re-Targeting - Urgency) Logo

Image Posts (Re-Targeting - Urgency)

An image post that is good to use when trying to re-target a product.

Instagram Caption Logo

Instagram Caption

Given a topic and a tone, our tool generates an instagram caption

Interview Answer

Practice with our tool to ace your interview.

Interview Question Logo

Interview Question

Creates a potential list of questions in a job interview

Job Posting - Objectives of Role Logo

Job Posting - Objectives of Role

Given a job description, gives a list of objectives

Job Posting - Responsibilities Logo

Job Posting - Responsibilities

Provide a job title and get back daily and monthly responsibilities

Job Posting - Skills and Qualifications Logo

Job Posting - Skills and Qualifications

Give a job title, gives you the skills needed for the job.

Joke Logo


Takes a question and tries to answer it jokingly.

Keyword in Sentence Logo

Keyword in Sentence

Takes a word and tries to create a sentence with that word in it.

Keyword to Page Ideas Logo

Keyword to Page Ideas

Takes a keyword and gives ideas for potential landing pages

Keyword to Paragraph Logo

Keyword to Paragraph

Takes a keyword and generates a paragraph

Landing Page Headline Logo

Landing Page Headline

Help with coming up with a landing page headline

Landing Pages (Emoji Headlines) Logo

Landing Pages (Emoji Headlines)

Decorate your headlines

Linkedin Bio Logo

Linkedin Bio

A Linkedin Bio Generator

Linkedin Headline Logo

Linkedin Headline

Headlines for your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Networking Outreach  Logo

LinkedIn Networking Outreach

Tell us something about the person and what you want from them and we'll write a good message to get the conversation started.

Linkedin Post Logo

Linkedin Post

Takes a topic for a linkedin post and expands upon it.

List of Questions from Text

Generates a list of questions based on the text provided

Love Poem

Writes a poem about love

Meeting Agenda Logo

Meeting Agenda

Generates a meeting agenda that you can use for Zoom or Calendar apps

Meeting Invite Logo

Meeting Invite

Generates a meeting invite that you can use for Zoom or Calendar apps

Meta Description Logo

Meta Description

Generate a meta description for a page based on keywords and the page title.

Mission Statement Logo

Mission Statement

Generates a mission statement for your business

Motivational Post (Emoji Style) Logo

Motivational Post (Emoji Style)

Gives you a motivational post based on a theme, and tries to use emoijs.

Movie Title Logo

Movie Title

Takes a genre and movie plot and generates movie titles

Name Generator

Generates names of people based on a nationality and gender

News Outlet Style Intro Logo

News Outlet Style Intro

A news outlet style intro, based on the title

OKR Logo


Our OKR Generator helps you come up with Key Results given an Objective.

Out of Office Email Logo

Out of Office Email

A simple out of office e-mail generator

Paragraph Logo


Turn a sentence into a paragraph ✨

Pinterest Description Logo

Pinterest Description

Get descriptions based on a title for Pinterest posts

Plot Logo


Takes a theme and comes up with a plot.

Podcast Name Logo

Podcast Name

Generates a name for a podcast based on a description of the podcast

Podcast Questions Logo

Podcast Questions

Generates questions you can ask on a podcast given the topic of the podcast

Podcast Topic Logo

Podcast Topic

Generates topics you can discuss on a podcast


Choose a topic and we'll generate a poem for you

Poem Title

Takes a topic and generates poem titles

Poll - Question and Answers Logo

Poll - Question and Answers

Generates poll answers given a question.

Press Release - Body Logo

Press Release - Body

Generates a "body" paragraph for a press release when given a "fact"

Press Release - Intro Logo

Press Release - Intro

Generates the "intro" for a press release.

Press Release - Quote Logo

Press Release - Quote

Generates a "quote" that you can use for press releases

Press Release - Title Logo

Press Release - Title

Generates a "title" for a press release given a description.

Press Release to News Article Logo

Press Release to News Article

Generates a news article when given a press release.

Product Body Content Logo

Product Body Content

Content for your product or service

Product Conclusion Content Logo

Product Conclusion Content

Generates closing content / conclusion content for your product

Product Description Logo

Product Description

Give the name of the product and what it is, and we'll generate a product description

Product Description - Emojis Logo

Product Description - Emojis

A fun take on product descriptions. Tell us about your company and tell us about a product and we'll give you a description.

Product Hunt Logo

Product Hunt

Product Titles and Descriptions

Product Intro Content Logo

Product Intro Content

Intro content for your next product or service

Product Paragraphs - (How To Use It) Logo

Product Paragraphs - (How To Use It)

Tell us about your company and tell us about a product and we'll give you a paragraph explaining how to use it.

Product Paragraphs - (Problem -> Solution Paragraph) Logo

Product Paragraphs - (Problem -> Solution Paragraph)

Tell us about your company and tell us about a product and we'll give you a long form description.

Product Review Expander Logo

Product Review Expander

Takes a one-line product review and expands it.

Product Review Intro (Wirecutter Style) Logo

Product Review Intro (Wirecutter Style)

A product review intro inspired by NYT's Wirecutter Blog

Product Title Logo

Product Title

Generates product title ideas for your next product

Product/Business - Tagline Generator Logo

Product/Business - Tagline Generator

Tell us about your company and we'll come up with a tag line.

Products Ideas Logo

Products Ideas

Given a theme, we give you ideas for products to sell in an e-commerce store.

Programmatic SEO Ideas Logo

Programmatic SEO Ideas

Ideas for Programmatic SEO pages

Psychology Tips Logo

Psychology Tips

Given certain keywords, we give you back psychology tips.

Publicity Stunt Ideas

Generates publicity stunt ideas based on a company name

Purpose Statement

Describe your business and get back a Purpose Statement

Quiz Question Logo

Quiz Question

Generates quiz questions based on a topic.

Quora Answer Logo

Quora Answer

Given a question, answers it 'Quora' style.

Quora Questions Logo

Quora Questions

Takes a topic and comes up with a question.

Quote Generator Logo

Quote Generator

Takes a theme and comes up with a quote.

Rap Lyrics Logo

Rap Lyrics

Generates song lyrics based on a topic

Rapper Name Logo

Rapper Name

Generates your Rapper name based on the description provided

Real Estate - Property Descriptions Logo

Real Estate - Property Descriptions

Creates a description for a real estate property

Reasons to Buy / Avoid Logo

Reasons to Buy / Avoid

Given a product, gives you reasons to buy and avoid the product

Recipes Logo


Creates a template for a recipe based on the dish you provide

Reddit Post Logo

Reddit Post

Create a reddit post with ease

Relevant Hashtags Logo

Relevant Hashtags

Takes a topic and gives you back hashtags.

Resignation Letter Logo

Resignation Letter

Writes a resignation letter given a job title and a short reason for leaving

Resume - Bio Logo

Resume - Bio

Provide your name and what you do, then get a bio for your resume

Resume - Experience Logo

Resume - Experience

Generates "experience" items for use in a resume.

Resume - Professional Summary Logo

Resume - Professional Summary

Generates the "professional summary" portion of a resume.

Resume - Skills Logo

Resume - Skills

Generates "skills" items for use in a resume.

Review Response Logo

Review Response

Helps you respond to reviews.

Rhyme Logo


Generates words that rhyme with the word you provide

Sales - AIDA Logo

Sales - AIDA

Generate all parts of the AIDA formula.

Sales - Before-After-Bridge Logo

Sales - Before-After-Bridge

Generate all parts of the Before-After-Bridge formula.

Sales - Feature-Advantage-Benefit Logo

Sales - Feature-Advantage-Benefit

Generate all parts of the Feature-Advantage-Benefit formula.

Sales - Pain-Agitate-Solve Logo

Sales - Pain-Agitate-Solve

Generate all parts of the Pain-Agitate-Solve or Pain-Agitate-Solution formula.

Sales - Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal Logo

Sales - Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal

Generate all parts of the Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal formula.

Sales Headline

Creates a catchy sales headline given a description of your product

Satire News Headline

Takes a theme and generates 5 satirical news headlines

Satirical News Article Intro

Generates a satirical news article intro given a satirical title

Sentence Rewriter Logo

Sentence Rewriter

Takes a sentence and rewrites the sentence it to sound different

Sentence Starting with Keyword

Generates a sentence that starts with a keyword.

SEO - Meta Keywords Logo

SEO - Meta Keywords

Get meta keywords for a page.

SEO - Title  Tags Logo

SEO - Title Tags

Get title tags for a page

Service Description Logo

Service Description

Describe a service and we'll give you a nice description for that service.

Short Post - Inspirational (Business) Logo

Short Post - Inspirational (Business)

An uplifting post based on your business

Short Posts Ads Logo

Short Posts Ads

Sell a product or service in a short post

Simile Logo


Takes a word or phrase and generates a simile

Simple Marketing Strategy Logo

Simple Marketing Strategy

Creates a simple, one paragraph marketing strategy for your business.

Simplify for a Child Logo

Simplify for a Child

Takes a piece of content and makes it easier to digest.


Takes info about your business and generates a slogan.

SMS & Notifications Logo

SMS & Notifications

Generates text message and notifications you can send to customers & users

Social Media Bio Logo

Social Media Bio

Takes bullet points and generates a bio

Software Expander Logo

Software Expander

Takes the title of a piece of software and explains what it is.

Solution to Benefits

Takes a solution and comes up with benefits

Song Chorus Logo

Song Chorus

Generates a chorus for a song based on a topic

Song Title Logo

Song Title

Generates a song title based on a description

SQL Query Logo

SQL Query

Turns a sentence into an SQL query

Stock News Intro Logo

Stock News Intro

A Financial Style Blog Intro tool.

Stock Photos Ideas

Generates ideas for stock photos you can include in a blog post

Story Dialogue Logo

Story Dialogue

A dialogue between people that can be inserted in a story

Story Outline Logo

Story Outline

Takes a plot and generates an outline for a story


Summarizes a body of text

Table of Contents Logo

Table of Contents

Generates a Table of Contents for a book, based on a topic

Travel Attractions Logo

Travel Attractions

Takes a tourist attraction and writes an intro paragraph.

Travel Locations Logo

Travel Locations

Takes a city and writes a short intro paragraph about the city.

Tweet Logo


Generate a tweet based on a topic

Twitter Thread Logo

Twitter Thread

Generate a twitter thread based on a topic

Video Keywords

Creates keywords related to video content

Video Outline

Creates a video outline for 1-Click Videos

Video Text

Creates text for a video section

Vision Statement

Creates a vision statement based on what a business does

Wedding Invite Message Logo

Wedding Invite Message

Generates a wedding invite message with the tone you choose

Wildcard Logo


Fills text in-between two pieces of text

WSJ Business Article Intro Logo

WSJ Business Article Intro

A blog intro style inspired by the WSJ.

YouTube - Keywords to Video Title Logo

YouTube - Keywords to Video Title

Give us a keyword, and we'll give you a video title

YouTube - Opening Line Logo

YouTube - Opening Line

Give us a title, and we'll tell you how should start the video

YouTube - Random Video Ideas Logo

YouTube - Random Video Ideas

Tell us the name of your channel, and what type of videos you make. Then we'll give you new video ideas

YouTube - Video Outline Logo

YouTube - Video Outline

Breakdown what you should talk about in a YouTube video.

Youtube Channel Name Logo

Youtube Channel Name

Takes a theme and gives you channel name ideas

Youtube Description Logo

Youtube Description

Generate YouTube video descriptions based on video titles.

Youtube Playlist Description Logo

Youtube Playlist Description

Takes a theme and gives you back a description to use for your YouTube playlists

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