Data Science 2021

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We talk about different things going on in the data science community


Focus areas ✨

With this plan for Data Science 2021, we are focusing on content with the following format(s):

In total, we have 8 pieces of content to go over. Let's dive in.


YouTube - Random Video Ideas

Tell us the name of your channel, and what type of videos you make. Then we'll give you new video ideas

Data Science, Augmented Reality, and AI at the Olympics
How to Choose the Right Next Step in Your Data Science Career
How to Become a Data Scientist
Python Data Science Tutorial: The Definitive Guide  &  5 Free Resources
What is the future of Fake News ?
Hands On : Neural Networks in Python !   *NEW*
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
The Most Important Skills for Data Scientists

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