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Bring A.I. to your favorite apps with nichesss & webhooks ✨

Works with ...

Short Form Webhooks

None available yet

Webhooks are not available for our short form ai tools just yet. We are working quickly to make that a reality!

Long Form Webhooks

After document creation

Long form webhooks work by providing webhook url(s) in a CSV file.

When you upload a CSV of variables against a long form template, once a document gets generated, we will call the webhook endpoint you provide. The call will include the A.I. generated document.

Here is an example of how you might setup your CSV file:

Moving Company in Dallas,Dallas,Dallas,moving_usa,https://webhook.url/example
Moving Company in Austin,Austin,Austin,moving_usa,https://webhook.url/example
Moving Company in San Antonio,San Antonio,San Antonio,moving_usa,https://webhook.url/example

Below is an example of the JSON payload you will receive once your CSV is processed. We will call the endpoint every time a document is generated.

 "id": "z85b09jDpp"
 "document": "Hello everybody\n\nThis document was generated using nichesss!"
 "document_name": "Moving Company in Dallas",
 "document_about": "Dallas",
 "timestamp": "2022-06-29T02:43:42.027Z",
 "variables":    {
         "doc_name": "Moving Company in Dallas",
         "doc_about": "Dallas",
         "tag": "moving_usa",
         "webhook_url": "https://webhook.url/example"

Need help or experiencing an issue? Send an e-mail to [email protected].