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At Microsoft we strive to make products that empower people to do great things. Our employees are our greatest asset and Microsoft offers a friendly and collaborative culture where one can develop professionally and grow personally. Microsoft is a global company with offices in over 120 countries and an employee base that represents over 90 nationalities.
Microsoft’s  company culture is an interesting one to dissect because unlike most companies, Microsoft’s main product is the “Microsoft culture.” The company is built on the belief that software and services is the future and the company has the best people to make that happen.  The company is known for hiring the smartest people, and its belief in the importance of data.  The company believes in having an open and transparent culture while still giving its employees the ability to be creative.
We have 5 team members, each distinguished by what they like to do in their free time.  Here is a short list of how the team spends their free time: As a software engineer at Microsoft, Bridgett spends her free time running and learning how to play the cello.  She has even started a running group on campus.  She also has a strong interest in photography.  She is an excellent photographer and spends a lot of time taking photos of her dogs and cats.  She also likes to go on walks in her free time.  She is an avid photographer and often takes pictures of her cats and dogs.  She is an excellent photographer and likes to use her camera to take pictures of her cats and dogs.  She also likes to take long walks in her free time.  She is an excellent photographer and enjoys
On Weekends: Kiran-Likes to go hiking and spend time in nature, he is a big fan of the outdoors. Vineet-Likes to travel and has had the chance to visit several different countries in the world. Prashanth- Loves to spend time with his family and friends. Ramana- Loves to play Basketball. Vinay-Likes to travel and explore the outdoors. On Weekdays: Vinay-Likes to go to the gym and play basketball Prashanth-Works on the weekend but spends time with family on weekdays Ramana-Works on the weekends Vineet-Works on the weekends Kiran-Works on the weekends

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At Microsoft, we strive to be
the best at everything we do. Not only do we create amazing products like Windows 10, but we have our own culture that helps us achieve greatness. Here at Microsoft, we are a family. We care for each other and want the best for each other. I feel that this is one of the key ingredients to our success.
At Microsoft, we strive to be
the best place to work for engineers. We are building the tools that will help people do their best work and we are building a company culture that helps people grow.
At Microsoft, we strive to be
a great place to work. We've created a company that's fun and driven by a culture of openness and transparency to help our employees meet their potential. We're always looking for the best talent, from experienced leaders to fresh new talent. We believe in being a company that's focused on results, creative endeavors, and above all, having fun.

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