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Ideas for Books 📚

Here are books you can create around the theme "Speed reading" 👇

  • A book where the book is focused on teaching speed reading
  • A book where the author provides a definition of what speed reading is and how to practice it
  • A book where they can read faster and understand what they are reading
  • A book where the subject in the title is "How to speed read "
  • A book where the book has information on how to read faster
Business Tips for Books

Tips to keep in mind when launching a "Speed reading" themed book business:

💸 Monetize

... by charging a fixed price per book, or monthly fee for all books

⚡ Differentiate

... by catering to a specific group, or solving a very specific problem or this group.

Tools for Creating Books 🛠️
Scrivener Logo

Scrivener is the go-to app for writers of all kinds, used every day by best-selling novelists, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, translators and more.

Ideas for Courses 👩‍🏫

Here are courses you can create around the theme "Speed reading" 👇

  • A course where the instructor dictates a book worth reading and the students try to read it at a faster pace
  • A course where students are taught speed and comprehension techniques
  • A course where the course instructor explains how to read faster
  • A course where they can learn to speed read effectively
  • A course where an instructor teaches the art of speed reading
Business Tips for Courses

Tips to keep in mind when launching a "Speed reading" themed course business:

💸 Monetize

... by charging monthly to access the course or charging a one-time fee

⚡ Differentiate

... by teaching something easier or more in-depth than competitors. Instead of having one course, have many smaller, focused courses

Tools for Creating Courses 🛠️
Teachable Logo

Teachable allows you to easily create an online course or coaching business with a simple all-in-one platform.

5-Year Trends 📈

Below you'll find graphs showing internet activity over the last 5 years (discussion, news, searches, & sales) around Speed reading.

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