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Ideas for Video Games 🎮

Games that a group of people can play

Latest Business Ideas

Business Idea: A video game that lets you run your own race car team
targeting die-hard NASCAR fans niche
~ 454k

Business Idea: A video game that lets you search for keywords on Google and improve your SEO skills. The game would teach you about on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO.
~ 221k

Business Idea: A video game that lets you sail a boat around a course without any interaction from the user
~ 82k

Monetize Video Games

... by charging per copy, with in-game currency, and/or expansion packs


... by creating a unique game for a particular group of people

Tools for Making Games 🛠️

Unity Logo

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. You can make games for more than 25 different platforms include Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and even game console like Playstation or X-Box.

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