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Add to Content Plan

Generates new copy in an existing content plan



Generations *

This endpoint consumes between 1 to 4 generations each time it is called, depending on the tool.

Call /api/generations or visit the API Dashboard to see how many generation credits you have.

Authorization 🔒

Pass your API Key as a Bearer Token.

Request Query Parameters

This endpoint has no request query parameters.

Request Body Parameters

The request body for this endpoint is a JSON payload with the following keys:

Key Description Type Example
tool_idID of Tool, see /api/toolsrequiredString"ZVJReZgVn"
...All required fields of toolrequiredMixedGet the required fields from /api/tools endpoint
webhook_urlURL of Webhook, POST request is sent after text is generatedString"https://a-cool-webhook.com"
languageObject containing id and formality of language your want your copy to be in.
Defaults to English if left empty.
language.idID of language, see /api/languages
Defaults to English if left empty.
language.formalityFormalness of text, only works with select languages and DeepL.
Acceptable values are "more", "less", or "default".

Here's an example of the body parameters represented as a JSON object.

    "tool_id": "ZVJReZgVn",
    "post_title": "Whats the cheapest way to get to Brazil?",
    "tone": "helpful and professional",
    "webhook_url": "https://a-cool-webhook.com",
    "language": {
        "id": "deepl_PT-BR",
        "formality": "more"

Example API calls

Command Line (curl)

curl -X POST "https://nichesss.com/api/content-plans/<CONTENT_PLAN_ID>/append" -H "Content-type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY>" -d "{\"tool_id\":\"ZVJReZgVn\",\"post_title\":\"Whats the cheapest way to get to Brazil?\",\"tone\":\"helpful and professional\",\"webhook_url\":\"https://a-cool-webhook.com\",\"language\":{\"id\":\"deepl_PT-BR\",\"formality\":\"more\"}}"


fetch('https://nichesss.com/api/content-plans/<CONTENT_PLAN_ID>/append', {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
        'Content-type': 'application/json',
        'Authorization': 'Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY>',
    body: JSON.stringify({"tool_id":"ZVJReZgVn","post_title":"Whats the cheapest way to get to Brazil?","tone":"helpful and professional","webhook_url":"https://a-cool-webhook.com","language":{"id":"deepl_PT-BR","formality":"more"}})
.then((response) => response.json())
.then((data) => console.log(data));


import requests

url = 'https://nichesss.com/api/content-plans/<CONTENT_PLAN_ID>/append'
payload = {"tool_id":"ZVJReZgVn","post_title":"Whats the cheapest way to get to Brazil?","tone":"helpful and professional","webhook_url":"https://a-cool-webhook.com","language":{"id":"deepl_PT-BR","formality":"more"}}
headers = {'Content-type': 'application/json', 'Authorization': 'Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY>'}

response = requests.post(url, json=payload, headers=headers)
data = response.json()



$api_key = '<YOUR_API_KEY>';
$request_url = 'https://nichesss.com/api/content-plans/<CONTENT_PLAN_ID>/append';

$request_options = array(
    'http' => array(
        'method' => 'POST',
        'header' => 'Content-type: application/json' . "\r\n" .
                    'Authorization: Bearer ' . $api_key . "\r\n",
        'content' => '{"tool_id":"ZVJReZgVn","post_title":"Whats the cheapest way to get to Brazil?","tone":"helpful and professional","webhook_url":"https://a-cool-webhook.com","language":{"id":"deepl_PT-BR","formality":"more"}}'

$request_context = stream_context_create($request_options);
$request_result = file_get_contents($request_url, false, $request_context);
$data = json_decode($request_result);

echo $data;


require 'net/http'
require 'json'

uri = URI('https://nichesss.com/api/content-plans/<CONTENT_PLAN_ID>/append')

http = Net::HTTP.new(uri.host, uri.port)
http.use_ssl = true

request = Net::HTTP::Post.new(uri.request_uri)
request['Content-type'] = 'application/json'
request['Authorization'] = 'Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY>'
request.body = {"tool_id":"ZVJReZgVn","post_title":"Whats the cheapest way to get to Brazil?","tone":"helpful and professional","webhook_url":"https://a-cool-webhook.com","language":{"id":"deepl_PT-BR","formality":"more"}}.to_json

response = http.request(request)

puts JSON.parse(response.body)

Sample Response

All responses from the API are JSON. You won't get the copy back immediately. We recommended you use webhooks to get your copy back, or follow the queue uri and wait.

    "success": true,
    "message": "Proccessing your copy now.",
    "queue_uri": "https://nichesss.com/api/content-plans/queue/iYTJno4Rr4hHWHHC8zDmYQtC2",
    "queue_id": "iYTJno4Rr4hHWHHC8zDmYQtC2"
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